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Seeds in Harlingen

Buy your plant and flower seeds in Harlingen

Seeds are little packages of magic. It seems impossible something so tiny can produce a majestic tree, or a climbing bean heavy with pods: yet it happens like clockwork, every year, with nothing more than a little compost and some water.

Fill your garden with colour with seed from Harlingen

Sowing from seed is fantastic value. For a couple of quid, you'll get a packet of seed with the potential to produce dozens of plants. On the seed racks in your local garden centre near Harlingen you'll find tried-and-tested favourites and brand new varieties to try for the first time.

Seed sowing made easy

As well as the seeds themselves, you’ll find everything you need to start sowing at your local garden store.

  • Seed trays and pots;
  • Module trays;
  • Seed compost;
  • Propagators;
  • Plant labels.

Please select your local garden centre near Harlingen below to find out more about the wide range of seeds they offer.